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Consultant on nickel sputter targets and evaporation slugs
Location: US

hpulcas GmbH, Germany, a producer of high purity nickel, is looking for a US based
consultant with deep knowledge on

  • trade practices (e.g. in view of calculation
    of purity grades)
  • actual and potential applications (diffusion barriers on
    silicon chips before copper contacts are affixed, thin film thermometers
  • customer requirements for the different applications (market segmentation
    by quality criteria)
  • sound technological expertise
  • good industry

We would welcome applications by experienced retirees.

We would welcome applications by experienced retirees.

Compensation & Benefits:
Pay is commensurate with experience.

About Us:
A new method to manufacture high purity nickel strip and wire

How to Apply:
T.Stuth@hpulcas.com or visit https://www.hpulcas.com to begin the application process.

Date Posted: 06/11/18

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