Fishbone Diagram for PVD Processing
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This Fishbone Diagram (also called an Ishikawa Diagram or cause-and-effect diagram) depicts the factors that lead to the development of a reproducible implementation of a vacuum coating process. Each box indicates a major step in the process flow, and each bar defines an important subset or consideration that must be used to define what is covered in the box. This diagram can be used as a "decision tree" to define the options available when making a decision in process development - such as to what vacuum pump to use, as well as defining what needs to be controlled in order to have a reproducible and robust process. For example, note that "handling" and "storage" are repeated throughout the process flow. The control of these aspects of processing is often neglected in practice, which may lead to a non-reproducible process. Also note that proper "documentation" and "technology transfer" from R&D to production is emphasized.

The colored code numbers on some boxes and bars indicate SVC Tutorial Courses (C-xxx) and SVC Webinars (W-xxx) that are offered in the SVC Education Program that cover some aspects of the subject indicated. Tutorial Courses noted by an asterisk (C-xxx*) indicate they are available On-Location at your organization or conference. Click on the code number to review the course description. Cick on the E icons to review the Subject Index and specific subjects in the SVC publication Education Guides to Vacuum Coating Processing that relates to that topic.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Process Flow Diagram © Donald M. Mattox
Digitized by Greg Jackson

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Note: This fishbone diagram is copyrighted but the author gives permission for anyone to use the diagram for any purpose as long as the copyright holder, Donald M. Mattox, Management Plus, Inc. is acknowledged.

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