April 2018
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Fil-Tech Inc. NEW 2018 Catalog and Online Ordering

Fil-Tech Inc. announces its NEW 2018 Catalog with on line ordering from our modern, user-friendly and updated website with a convenient product catalog search for Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
Eric Ruth appointed as Goodfellow Representative in California

Goodfellow has announced the appointment of Eric Ruth as their representative in California. Prior to serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, Eric worked in the automotive and technology industries gaining experience as a research, design and manufacturing engineer.
ULVAC Receives Workforce Training Grant

The Baker-Polito Administration announced the awarding of $96,000 in Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) Grants to ULVAC for worker training. The mission of the WTFP is to promote job growth, job retention, and increased opportunity for workers by increasing business productivity, competitiveness, and the ability to do business in Massachusetts.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Supplying Vacuum Solutions for CERN Particle Accelerator

Pfeiffer Vacuum has received another major order for turbopumps and turbo pumping stations from CERN for use in the Large Hadron Collider. The Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps will be used to generate ultra-high vacuum conditions for accelerating particles at nearly the speed of light and creating the insulating vacuum for the operation of the superconducting magnets at -271 °C.
SOLAYER GmbH Adds More ‘Steel to Its Mettle

The article highlights SOLAYER’s stride in the Steel Industry through the signing of an agreement between SOLAYER and a Steel Company. This is unique and very significant owing to the utilisation of SOLAYER’s environmentally friendly patented technology for Steel Galvanizing. 
Telemark Makes an Impact in Quartz Crystal Deposition Control Market

With excellent user reviews, the Telemark 861 Quartz Crystal Deposition Controller is gaining “preferred” supplier status.
Angstrom Sciences Announces New Configuration Website

The Angstrom Sciences’ Configurator is an easy-to-use online tool that steps you through the process of designing a magnetron for your specific application. The Configurator is applicable to the following four types of magnetrons: Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), Circular, Cylindrical and Linear
Anderson Dahlen – Applied Vacuum Division will be exhibiting at the SVC Tech Con event on May 8-9 in Orlando, FL

Please come see us at booth #204. With 30 years of experience manufacturing custom vacuum products, we have the tools and technology to provide solutions for most requirements – custom chambers, integrated equipment, flanges and components. Anderson Dahlen has ~250,000 ft 2 of manufacturing space across two facilities in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Our current team of 235 employees includes 55 welders, 20 CAD Design/Engineering Staff, 5 PMP® Certified Project Managers, and 5 AWS Certified Weld Inspectors.
Welcome to ANCORP: New Name, Same Mission

Manufacturer of high and ultra-high vacuum components since 1965, A&N Corporation has renamed to ANCORP and launched a new website focused on serving engineers and researchers better than ever before.
New Updates on Hauzer Coating Equipment Available Now!

Check out our new developments in the field of fuel cells, 3D printing, medical coatings, decorative coatings, sensors and more.
Ionbond Announces Entry into Fuel Cell Manufacturing Technologies

Ionbond, a global provider of thin-film technology solutions, today announced that they have signed a technology agreement with TreadStone Technologies, Inc.
Product Spotlight
Fil-Tech’s NEW Extreme Temperature Crystals to 200 ° C and NEW QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance

Visit our NEW 2018 Catalog and our website with online ordering, to find savings on Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. NEW QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance.
Lead-free soldering alloys enable joining of carbon materials … and more

C-Solder is the trade name for a group of new tin-based, lead-free low-temperature soldering alloys that enable the joining of various carbon materials, including carbon fibers or carbon nanotube fibers, in both carbon-carbon and carbon-metal combinations. The resultant bond is mechanically strong and electrically conductive.  
Vacuum Angle Valves

There are 18 sizes of ULVAC angles valves from DN16 (5/8”) to DN900 (36”) in KF, ISO, CF and JIS flange types for use in rough vacuum, HV, UHV and XHV. The valves include manual, single action and double-action pneumatic cylinder opening styles with o-ring/shaft or bellows actuation.
New Form of Indium Oxide Powder

Indium Corporation has developed a new form of Indium Oxide powder with high specific surface area (BET between 13-17m 2 /g), together with better than 4N5 purity and core particle size between 50-100nm. This new product was designed for the latest exacting applications in the display industry.
ANCORP Introduces New 3-Way Ball Valve

ANCORP, a Florida-based high vacuum manufacturer, recently released a unique new 3-way vacuum ball valve. The new device offers numerous uses for diverting flow or isolating pumping lines, reactors, traps and scrubbers on different vacuum and thin film coating processes.
The Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen Delivers multiple, Fully-Processed Chambers to National Energetics in Support of 10PW Laser System

After the completion of manufacturing, the chambers were thoroughly cleaned, baked, and inspected with a residual gas analyzer (RGA). The sum of the partial pressures for masses 45 amu and above were required to be below 1×10 -10 Torr with a water peak no greater than 1×10 -8 Torr. For projects requiring critical cleanliness and testing, we have 5,000+ ft 2 of HEPA filtered clean space, a class 10,000 cleanroom, RGA scan, and configurable bakeout capabilities up to 250 °C. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your HV/UHV/XHV requirements.  
Dynavac Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) Thin Film Deposition Systems 

The Dynavac DLC Series is a precise, reliable PECVD deposition system for commercial and military infrared applications. Our systems produce films that create a hard, smooth film for hostile-environment protection across an array of optical surfaces, including germanium and silicon optics.
PrismaPro® RGA and Process Monitor

The Pfeiffer Vacuum PrismaPro is designed for both qualitative and quantitative gas analysis as well as leak detection. The PrismaPro features a distinctive combination of high sensitivity with a detection limit of <3E-15 mbar, maximum stability, and intelligent operation via our new PV MassSpec software
SVC Spotlight
Meet  Jacob A. Bertrand, Newly Elected
SVC Director
Jacob A. Bertrand's career has revolved around applying his materials science acumen to the launch of technology startups. As the Senior Research Scientist at Eccrine Systems Inc., he has helped launch the technical team of a sweat sensors company that was recently identified by Bloomberg among the “Top 50 Startups You’ve Never Heard Of,” the first to receive such an honor in the state of Ohio. Prior to Eccrine, he successfully launched two materials companies. He was a co-founder and CTO of WaveTech LLC, which developed novel optical coated web materials for agricultural application. As the founder and President of Maxima Sciences LLC, an instruments and consulting services company related to Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) applications and technical product development, Bertrand evaluated new analytical techniques, semi-conductor materials, and devices, and designed and constructed ALD reactors for National Laboratories.

"I’m committed to preserving the welcoming atmosphere of the Society as we look to the future and grow our membership. From my own experiences and seeing other Young Members grow and develop, I see the importance of sharing the SVC with students and early career scientists or engineers. We all enjoy being part of the SVC and desire to see it thrive for many years to come. I believe that we can do this by increasing the outreach opportunities, to students and early career members, throughout the year for new as well as current Members."
SVC Spotlight
Meet Dave Doerwald, Newly Elected
SVC Director
Dave Doerwald received the MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He has worked for IHI Hauzer Techno Coating for 20 years, holding several positions, starting in 1997. Initially he worked as project leader in the engineering department and switched in 2002 into the process engineering department as process engineer respon-sible for the development of tool coatings. During the next 12 years Dave acted as product manager for tribological coatings, which includes a large portion the coatings for automotive components. In 2015 he was appointed CTO of the company. Since 2016 he has been actively engaged in the SVC as TAC Chair for Protective Tribological and Decorative Coatings.

"My intentions as a SVC Board member will be to apply my industrial experience with commercial and technical background to serve the Society in this important transitional phase with a new management organization. The bond between academia and industry has traditionally been one of the important strengths of the SVC and makes the Techcon an important forum for the spread and exchange of information. The SVC plays an pivotal role in helping the vacuum coating industry to realize solutions for ever changing requirements and needs."
SVC Spotlight
Meet Kurt J. Lesker IV, Newly Elected
SVC Director
Kurt J. Lesker IV is President and CEO of Kurt J. Lesker Company, a leading global provider of high-quality vacuum equipment which enables a vast array of nano-technologies. During his ten years at KJLC, Kurt has held leadership roles within strategic areas such as Sales, Quality, and Industrial Engineering. From 2011 to 2014, Kurt served as Vice General Manager of Asian Operations in Shanghai, China where he expanded the KJLC brand and built the corporate infrastructure within the APAC region. Before moving to Asia, Kurt IV spent five years as Global Quality Manager, establishing the company’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System and implementing Lean manufacturing practices.   
Prior to joining KJLC, Kurt worked for Navigant Consulting in New York as a Litigation Consultant in the Construction Practice. Kurt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from Duke University, where he was a Fuqua Scholar. 
Kurt IV lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Laura, and adopted Chinese mutt, Bogey. He is an instrument-rated pilot and Ironman triathlete.

"I will serve the SVC and its members to strengthen connections between vacuum-coating research and industry. Today’s groundbreaking research transforms into tomorrow’s commercial use, and our members will play an instrumental role in helping to solve the many technical, environmental, and economic challenges that face our industry."
Telemark Low Pressure Ion Sources Consistently Produce the Highest Index TiO 2 Films at Ambient Temperatures

TiO 2 is a very popular material for interference coatings and is used heavily across our industry. The ability to push the index of TiO 2 up should be the goal of all coating operations using this material. Increasing the index affords; less layers to achieve better film properties, faster turn times for high layer count stacks and higher profitability.
Bipolar Plate Coating Solutions from Hauzer

IHI Hauzer is offering high volume bipolar plate coating solutions to help customers ramping up their production. More information on our solution and qualified carbon-based coating can be downloaded now.
IQ+ Throttle Valve with J-Lock Seal Technology

Achieve maximum dynamic range with the NEW J-Lock Seal for Intellisys IQ+ Throttling Butterfly Valves. New generation J-Lock actuation, on-valve control, and ultra-fine position resolution allows optimal control and reliability from 1 mTorr to 760Torr. Call 1-800-824-4166 for more information.

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