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 VPT Expansion and Job Openings

Vacuum Process Technology (VPT) announced on December 1 that it has started a major expansion to its headquarters in Plymouth, MA.


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VAT, Inc. New Headquarters in San Jose, Calif.

VAT, Inc. moved its San Jose office to a new, larger facility to accommodate increased customer support in areas of engineering & application, customer administration, enhanced service & repair capabilities and other administrative services. 


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MDC Vacuum Products Welcomes You to Watch Their New Company Overview Video

MDC’s new company overview video will take you on a tour of each of their product divisions, which are located around the globe. The video highlights MDC’s corporate headquarters and vacuum products division in Hayward, California, the Insulator Seal (ISI™) division in Sarasota, Florida, the Gas Delivery Products division in San Jose, California, and the MDC Europe division (MDC Vacuum Ltd) in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Visit our website and go to Videos. 


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Fil-Tech Inc. Launches New Website and Product Catalog

Fil-Tech Inc. announces the launch of its modern, user-friendly website, providing a convenient product catalog search for Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Liquid Plating Crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 


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Safety-First at Anderson Dahlen

ADI works with MNSHARP program to improve safety in our work place. Working with the regulation agency in partnership leads to dramatic improvement in safety record. 


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Denton Vacuum Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Dr. George D. Papasouliotis, Denton Vacuum’s Chief Technology Officer, to lead Denton’s technology, processes and product development and qualification. 


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Trinos Changes Name to Pfeiffer Vacuum Components

Trinos Vakuum-Systeme GmbH has changed its name to Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH. The company based in Goettingen, Germany employs 160 people and has been part of the Pfeiffer Vacuum Group since January 2010. 


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ULVAC Technologies Nanomaterials Demo Lab

ULVAC Technologies offers paid sampling experiments for nanomaterials deposition using a unique arc plasma deposition process. This new deposition technology uses pulsed vacuum arc plasma discharge, which is a unique form of physical vapor deposition that deposits uniformly sized nanoparticles. 


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Lesker Introduces New App for Vacuum Science

The Kurt J. Lesker Company® is proud to announce the introduction of Lesker VG, a free new app full of technical support facts from our vacuum experts. Lesker VG provides users with: Technical Notes, Materials Deposition Information, Vacuum Basics, Conversion Tables & Calculators, FAQs, and a Technical Question Submission Form. Treo download this app go to or to your app store and search for “Lesker VG.” 


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Intlvac to Invest in Application Laboratory Upgrade

Intlvac Thin Film’s Applications Laboratory, used for product demonstrations, process development, and technology research, will be undergoing a significant upgrade in 2017. The company is planning to cycle out old process systems and repopulate the lab with new process tools built with contemporary design.


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Solayer GmbH - New Technology Center, New Products, New Website

As part of the expansion plans, Dresden-based Solayer GmbH opened a new technology house in Karlstein am Main, near Frankfurt. The augmented product catalog for coating tools and components is showcased in the newly redesigned responsive website. 


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Mercedes-Benz Gives VTI Full Concept S1 Approval

Daimler Group, one of the biggest producers of premium cars including Mercedes Benz, recently awarded Vergason Technology Inc., (VTI) Full Concept Approval (S1) for SuperChrome™ PVD coating on exterior automotive trim components. S1 approval indicates that the coating has passed an extensive battery of laboratory tests, and is now approved for on-car real-world testing. Subsequent approvals including S2 and S3 are required before serial production can begin and are currently underway in Europe. 


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SVC Blog


Wet or Dry?

In the course of many technical decisions, the answer to a question of comparison sometimes is simply “it depends.” The same applies to the question surrounding the choice of wet or dry vacuum pumps. At the moment, there are plenty of offerings for wet pumps (RV, liquid ring, ejectors, piston, etc.) and dry pumps (turbos, screw, claw, roots, etc.). Which one is best for your project? 

Blog post by:

Gerry Bergeron,

Edwards Vacuum, Inc. 

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SVC Spotlight


Meet Gary Doll, Professor, University of Akron, Ohio



SVC Board Member


Gary Doll is the Timken Professor of Surface Engineering at the University of Akron. Dr. Doll was elected as an ASM Fellow in 2009 and as the STLE Fellow in 2016 for his contributions to the field of Surface Engineering. He is a member of many professional organizations including SVC, STLE, ASME and ASM International, and is an associate editor for Tribology Transactions. In 2016 he was awarded a Distinguished Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Over his career, Dr. Doll has published over 250 articles and book chapters, edited numerous proceedings and received more than 25 U.S. Patents.

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MDC Vacuum Products Thin Film Evaporation and Sputtering Sources, Accessories, and Materials

Meet all your thin film deposition needs with Thin Film Products, the latest product line launched by MDC Vacuum Products, LLC. MDC is pleased to now offer a wide selection of deposition sources, accessories, and materials to assist with your evaporation and sputtering processes. 


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VPT Introduces the Argus Precision Magnetron Sputtering for Optics!

The ARGUS optics sputtering system combines excellent process stability, ultra-precise coatings, and uncommonly high throughput. 


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Fil-Tech Supplies Liquid Plating Crystals and Vacuum Measurement Quartz Crystals

Fil-Tech has a new website and new 2016 Catalog where you can find savings on Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Liquid Plating Crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 


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ADI-Vacuum Engineers Chamber Solution

Engineers at Anderson Dahlen and SEG worked together to design a replacement door for a vacuum chamber being used by a key customer for high temperature cathodic arc deposition. 


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Denton Vacuum Introduces its Newest Thin Film Technology Offering — a System-Integrated PEM

The Denton Vacuum PEM acquires real-time plasma emission spectra to help you control and monitor your reactive deposition processes, avoid target poisoning and maximize deposition rates. 


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Pfeiffer Vacuum Roots Pumping Stations

Pfeiffer Vacuum CombiLine Roots Pumping Stations optimize industrial coating processes in pressure ranges from atmosphere to high vacuum. They include all pumps, gauges, analytical equipment and control systems.


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ULVAC Technologies Compact Sputtering System

The ULVAC CS-200 load-lock sputtering system is for R&D and small production applications with a maximum substrate size of 200 mm. It can be configured with up to four cathodes and is available for either sputter up or down processing.


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Intlvac Introduces Its Long Throw Vacuum Coater for Indium Evaporation

Thin Film’s Long Throw Nanochrome I targets the requirements in “lift-off” vacuum deposition. In particular, the Long Throw Nanochrome I configuration optimizes the thermal evaporation of Indium for solder bump structures. 


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Solayer Rotatable Magnetrons – Enhancing Productivity in Large Area Coating

Solayer GmbH’s CALYPSO rotatable magnetrons for sputtering include magnet bar based on proprietary IN-DRY® encapsulated magnets, custom-designed end block and water-cooled anodes that can be integrated into existing vacuum coating equipment. 


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VTI SuperChrome™ PVD Coating Patent Allowance

Vergason Technology, Inc, (VTI) recently received Notice of Allowance from the US Patent & Trademark Office that the SuperChrome™ PVD coating patent application was allowed. The allowance encompasses both the proprietary SuperChrome™ PVD coating composition and process. SuperChrome™ PVD coating is a replacement for traditional electroplating, and has all the benefits of decorative chrome plating, without the harmful hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) compounds. It requires no clear topcoat and has excellent adhesion on thermoplastic substrates, making it a preferred alternative for decorative plating on plastic automotive trim pieces and other such applications. 


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New Telemark Optical Monitor Witness Glass Changer

Offering 50 monitor positions and can be used in any orientation.


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