January 2018
Corporate Sponsor News
Ionbond UK Ltd Engages in Collaborative Research to Enhance Process Control Capabilities

Ionbond is pleased to announce that its UK division, Ionbond UK Ltd, in partnership with the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) at Sheffield Hallam University, has won a 12 month collaborative research project supported by Innovate UK, to help develop and implement new and innovative quality assurance capabilities.
VEM Achieves Double Digit Growth

2017 was another great year for VEM resulting in double digit growth in shipments and revenue. This continues the double digit growth trend we have seen over that past several years as we continue to win new customers and service our existing customers who have been with us for a long time. We are happy to see growth with our customers in the mainstream, precious metals and customized specialty materials segments.
Denton Vacuum names Brian Desmarais as VP, Technology

Denton Vacuum, LLC is pleased to announce its recent hire of Brian Desmarais, who has joined the Denton Vacuum team serving as Vice President, Technology. Mr. Desmarais’ responsibilities are focused on execution of its technical roadmap for process technology—including its product performance, process development and product launches.
Applied Vacuum Technology is Now Anderson Dahlen – Applied Vacuum Division

The facility in Waconia will continue to focus on custom UHV products, and in fact we are expanding capabilities to take on XHV applications and clean-room assembly. There will also be an expanded vacuum team and new dedicated manufacturing space in Ramsey. This consolidation provides a number of advantages to our vacuum customers, including direct access to all engineering & manufacturing resources and ability to cover all requirements from a single company.
Growing Interest in Cromatipic® Technology – Hauzer’s Green Chrome Coating

The new factory in Barcelona is ramping up production – it is the answer to a real need in the automotive industry market, now that the ban on electroplating comes closer.  
SOLAYER GMBH: Operational excellence…Our Way Forward

Solayer’s quality management system was successfully evaluated and certified for standardized procedures, processes and systems engineering for thin-film and nanotechnology in mid-2017. In addition to the quality management certification, SAP was implemented to allow us a quick adaption to the most advanced processes in manufacturing around the world.
VTI has named Joshua Soper as Director of Operations

Josh was formerly Production Manager with responsibility for coating services. With this promotion, he assumes additional operating responsibility for VTI’s capital equipment product line. Josh has extensive prior manufacturing management experience. He is a West Point graduate, former Major in the US Army, and Apache helicopter combat pilot.
MDC Vacuum Products, LLC Has Just Published Their 2018 Events Calendar

See where MDC will be in 2018! MDC Vacuum Products is excited to announce that we have just published our 2018 events calendar, so you’ll know where to find us this year. You can check it out on our website. Come visit us at one of these exhibitions and see the latest vacuum product innovations from MDC, plus you might get a free vacuum process tool! We look forward to meeting with you in-person and driving your process forward in 2018.
Product Spotlight
VEM has Expanded Shield Cleaning Services

To meet the growing demand for Shield Cleaning Services, VEM has increased our Class 1,000 cleanroom by 40%, procured all new equipment and has grown our team of experts. 
Denton Vacuum Now Offering Ion Assisted E-beam Deposition with Endeavor Ion Source

E-beam and thermal evaporation available with our proprietary Endeavor RF ion source for optical, semiconductor and compound semiconductor applications. It offers high yield, fast deposition rates, stress control, optimal grain size and film crystallography for laser facet, indium bump and precision optics.
Programmable Sweep Now with Advanced “AVATAR” Handheld Controller

Telemark has released it newest electron beam sweep generator with advanced control features and “AVATAR” handheld controller.
Dynavac Delivers Large Optical Coating System to University of Rochester/LLE

Dynavac recently delivered a 74” Hyperion Optical Coating System to the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE), a national resource for high energy physics. Built in Dynavac’s Massachusetts facility, the system features a 74-inch vacuum chamber equipped with a custom-engineered fixture that supports three methods of rotation.
Anderson Dahlen Builds Chambers for Stanford’s Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

Anderson Dahlen was contracted to manufacture a set of large (~ 6’ diameter) chambers for the neutrinoless Enriched Xenon Observatory (nEXO) collaboration. The Large Xenon Test Stand (LXTS) is composed of (3) nested chambers; an inner, middle and outer chamber. A unique feature of this project is that one chamber had to be designed, fabricated, and tested according to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code section VIII, division 1 (ASME BPVC-VIII-1) as well as being certified for High Vacuum Service. 
Hauzer launches high volume coating solution for fuel cells

Demand for low cost bipolar plate coating is increasing as automotive fuel cell technology developing at high speed. Hauzer’s expertise on carbon coating is used in the Metalliner®, an inline PVD coating tool.
SOLAYER GMBH: AVIOR M-300 Ultra High-Precision Sputtering Tool

The new AVIOR M-300 has been specifically designed to ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective production of precision optical coatings on substrates up to 300 mm. Optical films are perfectly stoichiometric, shift-free with a unique uniformity of down to 0.2 %.
VTI Introduces Its Newest Platform in Rapid Cycle Vacuum Metallizers—The LEAN 710

The LEAN 710 utilizes the same fixtures as VTI’s flagship Press-Side® 4000SL sputtering system. Customers can specify the deposition source as either thermal evaporation or magnetron sputtering. In an industry first, the LEAN 710 can be converted IN THE FIELD, from one deposition type to the other. All this innovation is available at a significantly lower cost than VTI’s Press-Side® platform. 
New TORUS ® Research Advantage Package (RAP) from Kurt J. Lesker Company ®     

Our new magnetron and power supply packages enable customers to create a complete magnetron and power supply package including all cables and connectors necessary to integrate into an existing sputtering system. The RAP was developed to give customers a complete magnetron sputtering package at a special package price, making it one of the most affordable options on the market.
10kW RF-Power Coil for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)

The Insulator Seal division of MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, recently had the opportunity to manufacture a 10kW RF-power coil for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). The ITER tokamak reactor will be the largest and most powerful fusion device in the world. Designed to produce 500 MW of power for 50 MW of input heating power (a power amplification ratio of 10), it will take its place in history as the first fusion device to create net energy.

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