January 2019
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Advanced Energy Announces Partnership with Front Range Community College to Create New Center for Integrated Manufacturing in Colorado

Advanced Energy announced it will invest $200,000 to fund the creation of the Advanced Energy Electronics Lab at FRCC’s new Center for Integrated Manufacturing. The 27,000 square-foot facility will offer FRCC students a state-of-the-art lab and classroom facilities to enhance their learning experience, allowing them to gain a hands-on career understanding prior to entering the workforce full-time.
Fil-Tech Inc. Online Ordering and Catalog Search

Fil-Tech Inc. has on line ordering from our modern, user-friendly and updated website with a convenient product catalog search for Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
Now Online: Vacuum Technology & Coating January 2019 Digital Magazine

 Featured Articles: Active Thin Films: Introduction to Metamaterials, Nanorobots: Reinventing Medicine, Laser Ablation of Biological Materials for Clinical Diagnostics of Metal Disorders in the Human Body.
Angstrom Engineering Utilizes Vacuum Know-How to Provide Researchers a Look into Life's Origins

With over 25 years of expertise in thin film deposition, Angstrom Engineering has become adept at designing and creating vacuum systems for a variety of applications. Recently, in partnership with biological researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, we were able to create the Planet Simulator, a first-of-its-kind system platform that allows them the ability to recreate virtually any planetary conditions — including those of the early earth — in order to examine the moment that chemistry becomes biology. 
ANCORP Supports Tomorrow’s Innovators

The forward thinkers of our time have produced some of the most scientific and technological advancements ever made. One of the best ways to support future innovation is for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for our youth. 
Bringing Automation to the PVD Bonding Industry

New automated fabrication techniques developed by Solar Equipment Systems LLC (SES) is leading the way in removing major obstacles in the PVD cylindrical target bonding industry. New applications in robotics are being patented, researched and designed with the introduction of the new SES MTB-1000™ series of automated bonding systems.
Investing in the Best Welding Processes and Equipment

Anderson Dahlen, Inc. is a certified ASME pressure vessel manufacturer and a premier stainless steel and specialty alloy fabricator, specializing in custom fabrication for a number of industries – Food, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Vacuum. With over 80 certified welders on staff and over 400 qualified weld procedures, we offer the quality you demand for your most critical weldments. By using the Fronius GMAW processes and TPS/I equipment we’ve been able to increase our production speeds by three times compared to previous output, especially with automated welding. One such automated application required vacuum chambers fabricated of 304 stainless steel. Each vessel, chamber, and chamber door were welded on the turntable with the TPS/i.
SCI New Product Catalog Recently Released

Sputtering Components has recently updated its product catalog. Included are new products and updated specifications. 
Edwards Vacuum – 100 Years of Innovation

Edwards has enabled significant advances over the last 100 years and continues to play an ever more crucial role in science and technology.  
MDC Vacuum Products, LLC has Launched a New eCommerce Website

MDC is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned and enhanced state-of-the-art website! Our new online catalog/eCommerce website makes shopping for vacuum technology supplies a frustration-free experience. Improved search and navigation features makes it easier than ever to quickly locate the exact part you need. MDC’s new Xpress™ catalog consists of our most commonly used parts that we keep in stock and are ready to ship within two days or less of receiving your order. If you need your parts fast, then think MDC Xpress™. MDC’s Xpert™ catalog is for the vacuum expert. You need the exact part for your process and are willing to wait a little longer to get the right part for the job. MDC Xpert™ parts will ship within a given lead time and will be perfect for your specific application. The Xpert™ slider bar makes it easy to select a quantity and quickly see the net price updated in real time with any applicable quantity discounts. You can also send yourself a formal quote by adding pats to your shopping cart. We hope that the new website will help you drive your process forward! Check it out!
Telemark Presents Sheet Resistance Monitor at MRS Boston

Telemark presented a well-received talk at the 2018 Materials Research Society Fall Conference based on the work done by Jim Colbridge and Josh Gurian regarding the use of Telemark’s Sheet Resistance Monitor to improve run-to-run stability of evaporated ITO coatings. More information about their exciting presentation and the factor of 4 variation improvement shown with the SRM can be found in the linked pdf.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Facility in Nashua, NH 

Pfeiffer Vacuum has opened up a new US headquarters in Nashua, NH and converted the existing facility into a Service Center of Excellence. This modern two-story construction will be the home of the North American headquarters for administration, sales, product management, marketing and customer care.
Product Spotlight
Fil-Tech’s NEW Quartz Crystal Changer Holds Six Crystals

Introducing our new Quartz Crystal 6 Changer that holds 6 crystals to rotate a new crystal into position for uninterrupted deposition monitoring. Visit our NEW 2018 Catalog and our website with online ordering, to find savings on Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
High Water Vapor Capacity Rotary Vane Pump

Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced the Pascal 2021 HW, a two-stage rotary vane pump with the highest vapor capacity in its class. It is optimally suited for all applications where water vapor is expected, such as low temperature sterilization and drying.
ANCORP’s Extended Life TM (XL) High Vacuum Ball Valves

Our patented fully-stabilized stem design makes ANCORP ball valves dependable and durable in the harshest vacuum coating processes. 
Bunch Lengthening System Cryostat for Advanced Photon Source Upgrade

The Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen was awarded a design-to-specification contract for the Bunch Lengthening System (BLS) Cryostat vessel + related items. The completed assembly would have dimensions of approximately 7’W X 5’H X 4’ D and be suitable for high vacuum service (1*10-7 torr). The 2K liquid helium reservoir was required to be manufactured and U-stamped in accordance with the ASME Section IX of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. After months of collaborative design and manufacturing, Anderson Dahlen delivered the completed BLS Cryostat Vessel Assembly (Figs. 4 & 5) to the Physics Division at Argonne National Laboratory.
Kurt Lesker
KJLC ® Introduces New Capacitance Manometer

The Kurt J. Lesker Company ® is proud to introduce the KJLC ® Carbon—the most cost-effective capacitance manometer on the market. While providing an economic alternative, the Carbon still maintains a high accuracy rate and a fast response time.
Sputtering Components RAM-Bar™

Fine tune the distance between magnetics and the target surface form outside the system and during operation with the SCI RAM-Bar™. The RAM-Bar™ eliminates system shutdowns and can be finely tuned for the most demanding uniformity requirements. 
EDS – A New Range of Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps for Industrial and Chemical Applications

Designed for challenging conditions and demanding applications, the EDS features industry-leading dry screw vacuum technology housed in a modern outer enclosure. It is built to be reliable and offer robust performance standards that most production processes demand.
High Temperature, Corrosion-Resistant Metal Crucibles

Specialist applications often require specialist crucibles. When the material being melted is not compatible with the more typical standard crucibles such as ceramic or quartz, specialist metal crucibles can become invaluable.
New USB 3.0 Feedthroughs!

MDC's Insulator Seal division is proud to announce the launch of their new USB 3.0 Feedthroughs! The USB 3.0 connectors can transfer data 10x faster than USB 2.0 technology. They are available in 2.75" CF and KF40 flanges and can be ordered right from our website . Drive your in-vacuum data transferring process forward with ISI's new USB 3.0 Feedthroughs!
The Telemark Ion Current Monitor (ICM) Provides REAL TIME Monitoring of Ion Flux Throughout Ion Assisted Deposition Processes

The Ion Current Monitor provides essential deposition information for most ion-based process. The ICM monitors the flux of positive ions and outputs the beam current in units of amps per square centimeter. Three amplifier ranges are provided to adequately cover the flux density output from a wide range of commercially available ion beam sources. An adjustable bias voltage is provided to reject negatively charged particles (electrons).
Compact Dry Screw Pumps

The LS series of dry screw pumps is an advanced high performance and low cost upgrade replacement for worn-out conventional dry pumps. With four pumping speeds from 120 to 1200 m 3 /h, the LS series provides high pumping speed, compact size and low power consumption for a variety of different vacuum applications.

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