July 2018
Corporate Sponsor News
Fil-Tech Inc. NEW 2018 Catalog and Online Ordering

Fil-Tech Inc. announces its NEW 2018 Catalog with on line ordering from our modern, user-friendly and updated website with a convenient product catalog search for Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
Advanced Energy Appoints Dr. Isabel Yang to Chief Technology Officer

In her role as CTO, Dr. Yang will lead the execution of the company’s global technology vision and strategy, reporting directly to the CEO. Dr. Yang will evaluate emerging and new technologies which will further enable the company to penetrate new and adjacent markets and provide differentiated value to its customers.
AGC Supplies the Coater for Mirrors of the World’s Largest Telescope

Through its newly created unit AGC Plasma Technology Solutions, AGC Glass Europe has been awarded a contract by the European Southern Observatory to supply the magnetron sputtering coating plant aimed at producing the mirror for the world’s largest optical telescope, the Extremely Large Telescope.
A Chinese Quarter for SOLAYER GmbH

 Buoyed by its global market drive towards making simplistic and innovative technologies available, SOLAYER GmbH furthered this by opening an Optical Coatings Equipment Division in the Peoples Republic of China. Such feat was later accompanied by a visit from the Shenzhen Association for Vacuum Technologies to Solayers’ Technology center at Kesselsdorf, Germany.
MDC Vacuum Products, LLC has Launched a New eCommerce Website

MDC is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned and enhanced state-of-the-art website! Our new online catalog/eCommerce website makes shopping for vacuum technology supplies a frustration-free experience. Improved search and navigation features makes it easier than ever to quickly locate the exact part you need. MDC’s new Xpress™ catalog consists of our most commonly used parts that we keep in stock and are ready to ship within two days or less of receiving your order. If you need your parts fast, then think MDC Xpress™. MDC’s Xpert™ catalog is for the vacuum expert. You need the exact part for your process and are willing to wait a little longer to get the right part for the job. MDC Xpert™ parts will ship within a given lead time and will be perfect for your specific application. The Xpert™ slider bar makes it easy to select a quantity and quickly see the net price updated in real time with any applicable quantity discounts. You can also send yourself a formal quote by adding pats to your shopping cart. We hope that the new website will help you drive your process forward! Check it out .  
Vergason Technology Expands in Europe
Vergason Technology (VTI ® ) is pleased to announce our new European Sales and Support Locations, located in Munich, Germany. VTI is now poised to fully support our growing European business activities.  
Investing In Our Greatest Resource – Our People

Anderson Dahlen has expanded our business significantly in recent years. The fast pace of growth at ADI has led to the addition of many high skilled professionals to meet with ADI’s growing demand. We are also increasing the utilization of interns who bring new ideas and skills.
Goodfellow Launches ‘The Materials Hub’

Goodfellow has launched ‘The Materials Hub,’ an interactive and educational library of more than 100 materials used in research, architecture and product innovation. Access to this unique discovery platform is open to everyone.  
ANCORP: Positioned for Growth

A&N Corporation, a high and ultra-high vacuum component manufacturer, has updated its corporate identity and become ANCORP as part of a concerted effort to refocus the organization on its mission to empower transformative science and technology .  ANCORP has restructured their organization, expanded their sales force, and begun upgrades to their facility to make way for increased production and sustainable long-term growth.
Review on Decorative PVD Coatings on Plastics

Check our presentation on technical aspects of high quality coatings on plastic products for decorative and automotive applications, with a focus to PVD as an alternative to electroplating.
How Heavy is a Neutrino?

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has put the most accurate scale in the world into operation. It will determine the weight of one of the lightest known elementary particles – neutrinos.
SVC Spotlight
Meet New Corporate Sponsor Junora Ltd.
While Junora LTD is new to the sputter target supply chain, the current team of 10 employees have a combined 200 years of experience in sputter targets manufacturing. and sputtering process. Junora LTD is commercializing a novel way of making rotary sputter targets from a variety of non-ferrous metals and alloys (Ag,In,Li,Sn, Zn...). Our process will allow us to provide higher levels of quality, more options on re-coating and lower cost of ownership than current fabrication processes.
SVC Spotlight
Meet New Corporate Sponsor ANCORP
Manufacturer of high and ultra-high vacuum components since 1965, ANCORP offers an extensive line of vacuum valves, flanges, fittings, feedthroughs, traps, viewports, chambers, and custom fabrications to research-ers, OEM's, and industrial users around the world. ANCORP products are designed to meet or exceed the standards required by our customers, such as those involved with thin film deposition, surface analysis, laser devices, cryogenics, and the aerospace industry. For more information, visit .
SVC Spotlight
Meet New Corporate Sponsor KYKY Technology Co., Ltd.
A pioneer in Chinese vacuum technology and electron optics is credited with the development of the first set of turbo-molecular
pumps, commercial helium leak detectors and scanning
electron microscopes in China. With 50 years of experience, KYKY competes globally as a vacuum system manufacturer playing a significant role in solar cell, coating, lighting, semi-conductor, etc. by providing high-quality products and service to our customers.
Product Spotlight
Fil-Tech’s NEW Quartz Crystal Changer Holds Six Crystals

Introducing our new Quartz Crystal 6 Changer that holds 6 crystals to rotate a new crystal into position for uninterrupted deposition monitoring. Visit our NEW 2018 Catalog and our website with online ordering, to find savings on Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
Fast Leak Detection

The Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 390/AMS 392 dry, mobile leak detectors are optimized for rapid pump downs and short response times. They offer high sensitivity for ultra-clean maintenance of large test chambers. Semi S2 compliant, the ASM 390/AMS 392 offer rugged and reliable use and an ergonomic platform.
Advanced Energy Announces Dynamic Reverse Pulsing that Dramatically Enhances Power System Performance 

AE has announced Dynamic Reverse Pulsing (DRP), a power configuration technology that is marked by providing a higher deposition rate, lower substrate heating and higher power output on magnetrons. DRP’s unique capabilities transform the paradigm in reactive sputtering and allow users to enable new processes and reap substantial cost savings.
MDC’s Million Cycle Vacuum Gate Valves at a Market Leading Price!

MDC Vacuum Products is excited to announce that pricing on our Million Cycle Vacuum Gate Valves has been reduced by as much as 55%! This price reduction has been implemented across the entire Million Cycle Valve product line including all sizes (5/8" - 12" CF and ISO Flanges), manual and pneumatic actuator configurations, and all UHV rated gate valves. We hope that this great price reduction along with the best lead time in the industry will help drive your process forward! Take a look at the new low prices on our gate valves by visiting our new website.
New Form of Indium Oxide Powder

Indium Corporation has developed a new form of Indium Oxide powder with high specific surface area (BET between 13-17m 2 /g), together with better than 4N5 purity and core particle size between 50-100nm. This new product was designed for the latest exacting applications in the display industry.
The Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen Delivers Multiple, Fully-Processed Chambers to National Energetics in Support of 10PW Laser System

After the completion of manufacturing, the chambers were thoroughly cleaned, baked, and inspected with a residual gas analyzer (RGA). The sum of the partial pressures for masses 45 amu and above were required to be below 1×10 -10 Torr with a water peak no greater than 1×10 -8 Torr. For projects requiring critical cleanliness and testing, we have 5,000+ ft 2 of HEPA filtered clean space, a class 10,000 cleanroom, RGA scan, and configurable bakeout capabilities up to 250 °C. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your HV/UHV/XHV requirements.  
SME Sputtering System
The ULVAC SME Sputtering system is ideal for depositing many materials including high quality Piezoelectric films. The system is available with several core types: square, hexagonal or octagonal.
Meeting Customer Needs Through Innovation

ANCORP’s patented fully stabilized stem design is one of the main features of its 3-way ball valves that are designed to divert flow between a common port and either of two side ports. Fluoroelastomers are used to seal the stem and end caps from atmosphere while Teflon® seats cold flow around the ball to isolate one port while diverting flow through the other.
Goodfellow Offers CVD Graphene Films for Innovative Applications

State-of-the-art chemical vapor deposition (CVD) methods produce exceptionally high quality graphene film for use as transparent conductors and in other innovative applications. In addition to offering film on copper foil, SiO 2 /Si wafers, PET and quartz glass, Goodfellow can assist customers with the transfer of graphene film onto their own substrate.
Dynavac High-Volume Physical Vapor Deposition System
Dynavac’s high-volume PVD system is an industry-proven solution to deposit highly durable and environmentally-responsible chrome coatings onto high-end automotive wheels. It’s automation system provides control of the entire process from start to finish, letting you deliver product in record time.
Measure Sheet Resistance During Film Growth with the In-situ Telemark Sheet Resistance Monitor

In-situ measurement of metal film electrical properties has long been a challenge for thin film applications. Telemark has developed an in-situ instrument for measuring sheet resistance during deposition. 
Cromatipic® Factory - Green Chome Technology

The Cromatipic® pilot factory in full production – have a look at our equipment and factory solutions, and information on the coating process and technology.

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