October 2018
Corporate Sponsor News
Fil-Tech Inc. NEW 2018 Catalog and Online Ordering

Fil-Tech Inc. announces its NEW 2018 Catalog with on line ordering from our modern, user-friendly and updated website with a convenient product catalog search for Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
Expanded Shield Cleaning & Reclamation Services Provide One-Stop Shop Experience
With more than 30 years of experience in the PVD materials industry and partnering with over 350 customers, VEM is able to manufacture and supply a large variety of sputtering targets and evaporation materials for semiconductor, photonics, RF wireless, MEMS, LED and other applications. We offer a breadth of services including shield cleaning, bonding, material development and reclamation at our expanded Santa Clara factory and our NEW facility in Dallas, Texas opening later this year. We provide a high quality and service one-stop shop experience for your PVD material needs.
Anderson Dahlen Supports Education & Research Utilizing Vacuum Technology

We are proud to encourage and support growth within the vacuum industry. A recent involvement with Professor Lifeng Dong at Hamline University involved re-building a deposition tool to further his research into thin film solid state devices; and provide a valuable, hands on demonstration tool for students. Professor Dong commented about the project “Having the vacuum chamber, along with the donated time and resources from (Anderson Dahlen & Applied Vacuum Division Engineering Manager, Stuart Shakespeare) really helps to give students knowledge of the vacuum industry and its applications that they can’t learn from books”.
SOLAYER Hosts Maiden Annual International Optics Symposium

 SOLAYER GmbH gladly welcomes the International Precision Optics community to her first ever International Optics Symposium. The symposium, which is themed NOVEL COATING TECHNOLOGIES FOR PRECISION OPTICS IN THE NANO ERA, will hold on the 28 th of November 2018 at Dresden, Germany.
Pfeiffer Vacuum opens new production site in Romania 

Pfeiffer Vacuum has opened a new production facility in Cluj, Romania. The new site will produce and service components that are used in vacuum pumps. The new 4,300 square meter facility will utilize new machining equipment and energy management practices to optimize resources.
Kurt Lesker
Kurt J. Lesker Company Unveils New Homepage Redesign

The Kurt J. Lesker Company recently released a new homepage design for its industry leading Ecommerce and Technical Information website. The design focuses on the results of our successful customer collaborations that help us “Enable Technology for a Better World.” We also wanted to streamline our customers’ journey to accessing their Viewport™ Accounts where they can buy online, request quotes, or download CAD models of our vacuum technology products.  
Advanced Energy Appoints Dr. Isabel Yang to Chief Technology Officer

In her role as CTO, Dr. Yang will lead the execution of the company’s global technology vision and strategy, reporting directly to the CEO. Dr. Yang will evaluate emerging and new technologies which will further enable the company to penetrate new and adjacent markets and provide differentiated value to its customers.
Hauzer For You Magazine – Latest Issue! 

Anti-bacterial coatings, bipolar plate coating solutions, decorative and Ta-C coatings, news from the experts, 500 th system milestone and more.
ANCORP Supports Tomorrow’s Innovators

The forward thinkers of our time have produced some of the most scientific and technological advancements ever made. One of the best ways to support future innovation is for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for our youth. 
Telemark has launched New On-Line Parts Store

Telemark announces a new online store. Ordering Telemark electron beam source spare parts, liners and accessories is easier than ever at this new online shop. In stock items are available for same day shipping. As always, quotes, quantity discounts and sales with payment terms for all Telemark products are available by emailing or by calling the Telemark sales department at 360-723-5360.
SVC Spotlight
Meet New Corporate Sponsor Spartek
At Spartek, Inc., we have a strong, 50+ year history in the field of vacuum plating and metallization. We are a leading authority in the application of tints and colors to vacuum plating, and we have the capacity to handle complex part geometries efficiently and affordably.
Inside our offline batch plating department, we have six vacuum chambers along with five hand spray booths and 2 flow coaters. With our operational flexibility, we can manage small specialty orders as well as high volume production runs of up to 25 million units. We maintain tight control over quality at all stages of production to ensure consistent results which meet the highest standards of excellence.
Our success as a manufacturer is based on a culture of quality and a continual investment in developing the newest technologies and manufacturing processes. We are proud to introduce our Inline Vacuum Metallizers and Coating Lines, featuring industry leading PVD sputtering technology. These two systems represent the cutting edge of inline metallization. With the use of automation these lines have the capability to produce 120 million parts annually without any manual handling from start to finish. It utilizes a process which is inherently efficient, creating minimal scrap rates that far exceed traditional offline batch metallizing processes. This allows our Inline Vacuum Metallizing department to deliver superior cost reductions while maintaining the highest quality standards.
SVC Spotlight
Meet New Corporate Sponsor Eddy Company
For over 35 years, Eddy Company has developed specialized solutions for production of complex precision optical coatings, including bandpass filters, beamsplitters, and lasers. The company’s continued quest for more accurate control of optical coatings led to the recent development of the SL-2012A SpectraLock optical monitor. The latest product features exceptional precision and a revolutionary ability to deposit thin layers using index dispersion enhanced monitoring (IDEM). The company is committed to providing intuitive interfaces and ease of operation for their precision optical monitoring products.
Product Spotlight
Fil-Tech’s NEW Quartz Crystal Changer Holds Six Crystals

Introducing our new Quartz Crystal 6 Changer that holds 6 crystals to rotate a new crystal into position for uninterrupted deposition monitoring. Visit our NEW 2018 Catalog and our website with online ordering, to find savings on Quality Crystals® 6MHz, Extreme Temperature Crystals, Liquid Plating Crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. 
Supporting AP-Tech’s Need for Increased Capacity and Efficiency

AP-Tech contacted Anderson Dahlen’s Applied Vacuum Division to provide a second test chamber to increase production capacity and to help address sealing issues with the current test chamber. The existing chamber is opened multiple times per day and required to achieve base pressures of mid 10-8 torr while baking at 125°C. AP-Tech’s inability to reach the desired base pressure limited cathode production. We provided a cost-effective design with a more robust hinge assembly and redesigned door to solve their issues. This new chamber will be used to manufacture and test thermionic cathodes that are used for several hi-tech applications. Reliable performance from this new chamber is essential to keep up with increasing demand.
SOLAYER GMBH: AVIOR M-300 Ultra High-Precision Sputtering Tool

The new AVIOR M-300 has been specifically designed to ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective production of precision optical coatings on substrates up to 300 mm. Optical films are perfectly stoichiometric, shift-free with a unique uniformity of down to 0.2 %.
ATEX-Certified Roots Pumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum ATEX-certified Roots pumps with a magnetic coupling are ideal for processes in explosive areas or for evacuating explosive gases according to the ATEX directive (2014/34/EU): in chemical and process technology applications, industrial applications, coating, the semiconductor industry and research & development. 
Kurt Lesker
Lesker Offers New HIPIMS Module

The Kurt J. Lesker Company’s ®  latest version of the IMPULSE™ 2-2 pulsed power modules enable High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) when coupled with a conventional DC sputtering power supply. The 2-2 model is geared toward R&D and Process Development applications and has quickly captured a share of the market with its enhanced mix of capability and affordable pricing.
MKS Launches Revolutionary Series 523 Granville-Phillips® Wide Range Cold Cathode Transducer
Polymer construction and innovative manufacturing methods makes the Series 523 Wide Range Cold Cathode Transducer a high value solution for a wide range of applications. Through utilization of a single-sensor technology in three unique ways, the Series 523 allows for a wide range of vacuum measurements (10 -7 Torr to Atmosphere) without adding complexity from multiple sensor technologies. 
New Form of Indium Oxide Powder
I ndium Corporation has developed a new form of Indium Oxide powder with high specific surface area (BET between 13-17m 2 /g), together with better than 4N5 purity and core particle size between 50-100nm. This new product was designed for the latest exacting applications in the display industry.
Bipolar Plate Coating Solutions from IHI Hauzer

 Please check our high volume coating solutions for FCEV applications (publication ETI).
Join Carbon Materials … and More … with Innovative C-Solder

C-Solder is the trade name for a group of tin-based, lead-free low-temperature soldering alloys which enable the joining of various carbon materials, including carbon fibers or carbon nanotube fibers, in both carbon-carbon and carbon-metal combinations. The resultant bond is mechanically strong and electrically conductive.  
ANCORP’s Extended Life TM (XL) High Vacuum Ball Valves

Our patented fully-stabilized stem design makes ANCORP ball valves dependable and durable in the harshest vacuum coating processes. 
Measure Sheet Resistance During Film Growth with the In-situ Telemark Sheet Resistance Monitor

In-situ measurement of metal or TCO film electrical properties has long been a challenge for thin film applications. Telemark has developed an in-situ instrument for measuring sheet resistance during deposition. Unique 4-point probe design allows for 0.5% sheet resistance measurement accuracy from 200 kohm to 200 milliohm with simple replaceable sensor element.   High temperature sensor elements now available!

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