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B-101 Creating a Business from your Idea, Product or Service

The vacuum coating business has produced many products around the world, many of which, the end-user has no idea that it was enabled by a coating or process derived from vacuum coating. These coatings, processes and equipment produce optical, chemical and other physical properties that are unique to the specific product or application. Many courses and conferences deal with the specific science and application of these processes, but there are few that present and discuss how to actually move from an idea, product or service to create a profitable business. This course will delve into how you can create a business from your idea, product or service, starting with a basic analysis of whether there is a true business opportunity. The simple “back of the envelope” calculation allows an inventor or entrepreneur (or existing business) to quickly determine if there is a reason to invest time and resources into creating a business entity. From this point, the course will discuss business models, how to protect the idea (process or product) as well as how to structure a business around the specific business model. All of the discussion will be centered about actually deriving a profit from the investment of time and money. This class is intended for individuals and existing companies.

Course Details:

The following is an outline of the subjects to be covered:

  1. Is your Idea an Idea, Product, or Service:
    1. What is the potential market?
      1. What is the possible value?
    2. What is the rough cost to make or produce?
  2. What Business Model Should you Select:
    1. Sell Product/Service yourself
    2. License the Product or Service
    3. Are there development cost(s)?
      1. How do you fund this?
  3. Do you need to protect your idea/product/service?
    1. Patents
    2. Trademarks
    3. Trade secrets
  4. What is the cost to get to market?
    1. Return on Investment (ROI)
      1. Using the estimates of sales price, cost to produce, and investment to get to market to determine if there is a positive ROI
    2. Is there a profit to be made?
      1. How long will it take to make a profit?
      2. Have you included all of the cost(s)?
  5. Possible Business Structure(s) to consider:
    1. Incorporate
    2. LLC
    3. Sole proprietorship
  6. How do you want to work with Customers?
    1. Joint Development Agreements
    2. Licensing
    3. Simple sales
  7. Building a Business Plan:
    1. What is a business plan and why do I need it
      1. Business description
      2. Key milestones and timing
      3. Proforma financials
  8. Financing:
    1. Shoestring
    2. Investors
  9. Question and Answer session.

Instructor: John T. Felts,
John T. Felts

John Felts has worked in thin film technologies for 35 years and holds over 35 patents on plasma vacuum equipment, processes and products. He is the founder of Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc. (ns3) in 1995 and serves as the CEO. Ns3 provides toll coating services and licenses coating technology and equipment for plastics packaging, medical devices, semiconductors and sports equipment as well as source technology for nano composite materials. Ns3 has also developed and commercialized SiO2 coatings for the interior surfaces of bottles and other 3D shapes. Mr. Felts has spearheaded the technology development and commercialization of PECVD processes for large-scale industrial applications including existing SiO2 roll coating production equipment currently producing glass coated PET and BON films for the flexible packaging industry. Mr. Felts served as an SVC instructor, a member of the Board of Directors and as the President from 2002-2004. Mr. Felts was also one of the founding members of the SVC Foundation.

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